Why were tradition and culture born?
The ancestors knew how to live with their land and nature.

Their wisdom and skill, idea of life have formed into life tools -“MINGU” in Japanese- and have been passed down to support people’s life.

And we, CWB, will support people’s life with the progressive mind “ING.”

Our project “MING” aims to consider and find real riches, real stability and real happiness based on community, taking hint from life tools, tradition and culture which were the foundation of life tools, people’s spirit behind life tools, wisdom and skills in the ancient life.

Meanings the word “MING” contains:

MINGU (Life tools in Japanese)
ING (Create something new progressively and continuously)
MIN (People in Japanese)
MINNA (Everybody in Japanese)
MIND (Human’s Mind, Heart, Spirit, Soul, Believe, Philosophy)
MIX (To mix old and new, standard and interesting, flexibly)

“MING” will challenge anything for communities, without border.

“MING” is a movement to create value by connecting people, skills, ideas etc beyond borders, to conserve and revive culture and economy of local communities and to cultivate human resources by grassroots way.

Now, it’s time to join us!